+90% of your web traffic comes from magicians

They come but disappear like magic 🎩 Just a fraction converts into signups. All those hours spent on marketing just to get a teeny-tiny budge on signups. 

Well, I've analyzed hundreds of pages and I'll tell you what's wrong with yours. You'll get a big list of to-do's that will increase your signups, delivered in under 48 hours.

✅ Money-back guarantee: get more conversions or you get a refund.

Action-packed audits with guaranteed returns

Here's what you get with your audit:

  • A big to-do list

    I'll explain the thought process in a 20-minute video and deliver a massive to-do list for you to execute on.

  • No meetings needed

    No one likes them anyway. Just hand me a 5 minute briefing and I'll get to work.

  • 48 hour delivery

    Or less, even. After this you can start improving your conversion rate.

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They loved their audit!

No results? Get a refund.

Get more signups in less than 48 hours.

See how it works

Hello there. I'm the guy writing this 👋

My name's Diogo, and I've studied hundreds of landing pages. From big to micro companies, I've noted down their mistakes - and what they did right. 

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Get more of those magicians to sign up 🎩

You'll get your money back with just a few new clients. If you don't, just ask me for your refund.
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(1̶5̶0̶€̶ 90€)

(1̶5̶0̶€̶ 90€)

  • ✓
    20-minute personalized video
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    48 hour delivery
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    100% money-back guarantee
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Thank you for visiting! 🙏 My goal for LandingAudit is to allow any founder to get top-level conversion advice without breaking the bank. The money-back guarantee makes it a risk-free purchase. If you want to grow more, book your audit! 

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